Stadium Blanket Reviews – Our Top Ten Draft Picks

Hopefully you’ve had a chance to read our article on the science of how blankets keep you warm.

Here are some thoughts on top rated stadium blankets to help you find one that meets your needs.

We looked at these from several different angles.

  • Desired degree of protection from the elements –  do you want a casual blanket or do you need to seriously layer up for an arctic blast?
  • Other uses – do you intend to use the blanket for picnics? Seat cushion? Portable tent?
  • Allergies – Wool and down can be toasty warm, but other options exist if you’re allergic
  • Wash-ability – If you expect to have to regularly wash the blanket, this is a consideration

Pratico All-Purpose Outdoor Blanket, Stadium Blanket, & Picnic Blanket

Available in two sizes (large – 58 x 84 and small – 48 x 58), this blanket is good heavy duty stadium blanket which can be used for multiple purposes. The back of blanket is made with reinforced nylon / polyester, providing excellent protection from wind and rain. The lining is made of synthetic fleece, which is dense and provides great heat retention. The manufacture has an amusing opinion on the sizes; the small size covers a single person, the large is intended for you and a friend. My opinion? Get your own blanket :)

In any event, the whole system is highly washable and well suited for sports, camping, and other events. At 2.5 lbs, it’s a decently heavy package but folds up nicely for carrying.